GM 3" Monster inter cooler ONLY

Looking for the ultimate inter cooler for your GM truck. Want to build your own kit, or using a blower?  Want to route your cold pipe different then we do?  This inter cooler only is for you. 

This 3" Monster intercooler is the largest, highest flowing, air to air intercooler on the market today that will fit 99-02 trucks.  It mounts to the A frame core support, behind your grill. Your tranny cooler and any other coolers that are in front of your A frame support will need to be relocated.  Intercooler will fit 99-13 GM trucks. This core is 3.0 x 23 x 12. Keeping the air tubes shorter increases its overall flow potential and the cores max horse power potential.  The longer the tube length the higer the restrictioin.  Most of the cooling in a air/air  intercoolers happens in the first 6"-9" of the tube.  After that the heat removal gets less and less.  So this core maxizimes the cooling area, by completely filling the front area of the truck, yet staying with a shorter tube length.  Inlets/Outlets are 3" aiming toward the rear of the vehicle. 

Kit comes with inter cooler only, mounting brackets.




GM 3" Monster inter cooler ONLY
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