Ford Stage 3 Lightning intercooler.

This is the largest intercooler offered to the public that will bolt directly into your Lightnings engine. This all aluminum tig welded construction intercooler has 11 air rows and is still a single pass design. Bolt up to any stock or aftermarket midplate that was designed for the OEM 10row core. (If you have a 9row midplate please contact us for a custom build.) Inlet and outlet are in the stock location but are increased to 3/4" over the stock restrictive 5/8". Fully tig welded and pressure tested prior to shipping. This core is built for the customer pushing there Lightning to the limit and needing a larger intercooler. Perfect for 3.4L and larger blowers.  

 Single pass bar and plate designs are more effecient the standard OEM dual pass cores. All aluminum, no epoxy here! This is a NEW core. Intercooler is pressure tested under water prior to shipping out.   There is no warranty with this product.   

This product is built PER order, Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

This product is for off-road use only! 

Ford Stage 3 Lightning intercooler.
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Price $925.00